Icon Ice Blue

Icon Ice Blue


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Part Number:SM3500IB Manufacturer: GENESIS Model: Icon Color:


For divers seeking unrivaled comfort and exceptional visibility, the Icon stands as the ultimate choice. Its low-profile design positions the mask closer to your eyes, ensuring an exceptional field of vision. Two tear-drop-shaped lenses significantly enhance vertical visibility, ensuring no detail escapes your sight during underwater exploration.

Crafted with a crystal silicone double feather-edged skirt, this mask guarantees a secure and comfortable fit. The quick disconnect buckles simplify strap adjustments and mask servicing. Elevate your comfort further by opting for the Genesis Elastic Mask Strap upgrade, adding an extra touch of luxurious comfort to your diving experience.


  • Low Profile mask  
  • Two tear drop shaped lenses 
  • Crystal silicone double feather-edged skirt 
  • Quick Disconnect Buckles 
  • Upgrade to the Genesis Elastic Mask Strap 


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