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Frequently Asked Questions

10 years old! Through NAUI standards we are able to teach anyone from the age of 10. However they will have a junior certification which has limitations to depth (Max 18m), diving only during the day and with a certified adult.

You will need your own personal gear, this includes: Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots & a weight belt with 18lbs of Weight. We can provide all the scuba gear as well as a wetsuit, however if you have your own wetsuit you are more than welcome to use it!

To put a number on it, between 15 and 20. However your confidence in the water is what determines if you are ready!

Yes. You need to be able to swim non stop for 200m.

Yes! You can use a NAUI certification card all around the world.

Yes! Scuba diving is an extremely safe recreational activity. The Standards & Policies of diving are extremely strict, and we make sure to teach you everything you need to know to be a safe and competent diver!

If you get sick before you’re course and can no longer attend, please get a doctors sick note and send us a copy. If you do not there will be a $150 rebooking fee

To get a job in the dive industry you first need to make it to a Leadership level, the first of which is a Divemaster. From here you can then grow to be an instructor and travel the world teaching!

In the standard course booking you only get a digital certification card through the NAUI mobile app, so make sure to download that! If you are dead set on a physical card we are able to order one for an extra fee, however they come from the USA so shipping times are unpredictable.

We teach a maximum of 4 students per instructor on an Open Water Course. Making sure you get adequate time with your instructor so we can make you the best scuba diver we possible can!