Air Fills

All air and Nitrox fills are done in store. Due to the high volume of tanks that come through our door there is a chance we won’t be able to fill it on the spot, please prepare to come back at a later time or date. Our staff will check your tanks are in date, as this is a LEGAL requirement for us to fill your tanks.

Air Fill

Standard air fill up to the tanks working pressure.


Digital Air Fill Cards

Looking to save on air fill costs? The Digital Air Fill Cards we have available in store only help you to keep on diving without worrying about the costs. Come in store to find out prices!

Nitrox Fill (Up to 40%)

If your nitro certified we can fill your O2 clean tanks with Nitrox up to 40% in store. For higher mixes please get in touch.

From $25


Special Requests

Don’t see a service above that you need? Get in touch using this form and we’ll do our best to help you out!