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Included in this package:
– TUSA RS1207 1st and 2nd Stages
– TUSA SS0007 Octopus


The BCJ-8000 X-Wing rear-inflation BC jacket is an ideal combination of technical and recreational. TUSA’s patented Independent Harness System and Ultimate Stabilizing Harness are mated with a newly designed 500D Cordura® nylon horseshoe bladder offering an excellent lift, comfort, and freedom of movement required by the most discerning divers.
The X-Wing is further enhanced with a 3-D foam back pad, the newly designed A.W.L.S. II integrated weight-loading system, removable rear trim pockets, and mesh accessory pocket and is standard with TUSA’s revolutionary Active Purge Assist inflate/deflate system.
> Fully featured rear inflation tech style BCJ
> Independent Harness System
> Ultimate Stabilizing Harness
> 3-Dimensional foam padded lumbar and back pad area
> A.W.L.S. II integrated weight-loading system
> Removable rear trim pockets
> Depth-compensating cummerbund
> Newly designed adjustable sternum strap with safety whistle
> 420D/840D nylon harness for superior strength and durability
> 500D Cordura® nylon horseshoe-shaped bladder with bungee
> Removable roll out mesh accessory pocket
> Knife grommets for FK-10/11 (Use TC-752 knife mount)
> 2 stainless steel and 3 resin D-rings
> 4 dump valves (OPEV+3)
> Standard with Active Purge Assist (A.P.A.)
> Sizes: S, M, L, XL
> Lift Capacity: S: 29.2 lbf./M: 29.2 lbf./L: 40.5 lbf./XL: 40.5 lbf
The balanced diaphragm R1000 first stage is compact and lightweight. It has a full complement of four low-pressure and two high-pressure ports and is fine-tuned for optimum performance.
The S0001 second stage features a venturi adjustment lever to deliver air smoothly with each breath. The S0001 is also equipped with an ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece to increase comfort and reduce jaw fatigue. The S0001 allows for left or right-hand configuration.
The RS1001 offers the following features:
Ideal For Cold Water Environments
The cold water ready feature enables the regulator to be used in waters below 50°F /10°C tested to a temperature of 39°F / 4°C.
Ortho-Consciously Designed Mouth Piece
The new mouthpiece, developed on the basis of ergonomic engineering, further enhances the comfort of bite, fit, and stability. Even with a light bite, a high level of stability is achieved, so there is no fatigue from long periods of usage.
The RS1001 is available as RS1001 DIN (300bar/4350psi).

First stage (R1000)
> Balanced diaphragm first stage
> Coldwater insulation system
> Two H.P. ports and four L.P. ports (2 standard/2 high flow) ports
> High flow L.P. ports offer up to a 15% increase in airflow
> DIN version available as RS1001 DIN (300bar/4350psi)

Second stage (S0001)
> Lightweight, compact composite case design
> Left or Right-hand configuration
> Venturi adjustment lever
> Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece

The TUSA SS0007 Octo/Safe Second Stage regulator is an ideal accessory for any regulator. The lightweight, durable second stage is built to withstand heavy use while maintaining exceptional breathability.

> Simple second stage with non-compensating downstream valve.
> Venturi control.
> Flexible casing with large purge button.

The SCA-150 is a heavy-duty pressure gauge ideal for divers using a wrist-type dive computer like the IQ-650, IQ-750, and IQ-900.
The console provides continuous air pressure and temperature in a low-profile rubberised boot. The pressure gauge features a luminescent light storage dial that is highly legible in dark or low visibility conditions.
The entire face glows bright enough to make it ideal for night diving or diving in dark areas but contains no radioactive materials.

Luminescent dial is easy to read in dark or low visibility
5000psi/400bar (4350psi/300bar max) pressure gauge
Gauge boot includes rings for attachment of BCJ hooks, etc.
Available in Metric (SCA-150E) or Imperial (SCA-150U)
Colour: Black