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Intro To Tech Diving Course


What you’ll get out of this course:
– Learn about all the equipment used in technical diving and how it differs from recreational diving
– Use a twin tank set up as well as an underarm ‘decompression bottle’
– Learn about the risks when it comes to tech diving and how to negate them
and much more!
The intro to tech course is the equivalent to the Open Water Scuba Diver course, there’s lots of information to be learned as it’s a whole new field of diving!
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This course is to provide the EANx certified diver with the skills and knowledge needed to maximize the risks of utilizing optimal breathing gas EANx mixtures of 28% to 100% oxygen for dives to a maximum training depth of 40m not requiring mandatory decompression. Technical diving is a very specialised field, and this course will introduce you to all of the differences between tech and recreational diving. A technical dive is a dive where you can’t return back to the surface, so if you have a problem, you have to be prepared to deal with it at depth. Using a variety of gases which you’ll learn about on the course, eventually, after doing some of the more specialised tech courses you could be doing 6-hour dives to depths over 100m. Diving technical allows you to stay much longer past recreational limits and see much much more of the underwater world!

From this course you can move on to the following TECH courses: – Advanced Nitrox course – Deco procedures course – Extended range course – Advanced Wreck course – Trimix courses
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