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CRESSI Scorpion MC-9 Compact Package


Included in this package:
– Cressi Scorpion BCD
– Cressi MC9/Compact regulator 1st & 2nd stage
– Cressi Compact Octopus
– Cressi Pressure Gauge SPG


The Scorpion Jacket is an impressively light high-buoyancy rear-mounted BC, anatomically designed for maximum comfort and wearability.
Its main features are its detachable harness and air cell.
The rear-mounted air cell interferes neither with the main underwater component nor with the adjustment straps, not even when it is inflated to the maximum: this means extra freedom of movement and buoyancy for the diver.
The special air cell compression strap guarantees extra quick deflation and volume control.
The ultralight semi-rigid harness ensures optimal stability and high comfort with its air-net fabric.
Its integrated Cressi Flat-Lock-Aid Weight System makes it extra easy to release the pockets.

Sizes from XS to XL

– Development of rear-mounted air cell
– Air cell material: 420 denier nylon
– Integrated Cressi Flat-Lock-Aid Weight System on a back vertical position
– 3 pressure relief valves: one on the upper part of the hose, one reel-operated the valve on the right-hand side of the shoulder, and a third on the lower right-hand side of the air cell
– Two 50 mm aluminum D-rings on the shoulder straps
– Two 25 mm aluminum D-rings on the pockets
– Ultralight semi-rigid harness
– Next-generation anatomical inflator with hose retainer
– Multipurpose zip pockets with weight pockets inside
– 40 mm quick-release buckled shoulder straps
– Side adjustable lumbar flaps


Cressi First Stage MC9

1st stage to overbalanced membrane MC9, the most modern but, at the same time, of simple maintenance and very robust and trustworthy.

The thicknesses of the walls of the body have been optimized to reduce to the minimum its weight (380 g). A case of semiflexible elastomer protects the 1st stage of blows and erosions.

The hyper compensation of the mechanism guarantees a slight increase of the intermediate pressure as it gets down the pressure of the bottle. The regulator supplies therefore its maximum level of services in the final phase of the dip, undoubtedly the most critical.
An advanced study of the traffic of the air and a chamber of exclusive distribution that canalizes the air volume directly to the exits LP  has allowed to reduce to minimal levels the fall of pressure in forced breathings (0,5 bar), guaranteeing a use with high services in any situation.
1 exit HP and 3 LP.

300 are supplied in version INT (stirrup) and DIN bar. The toe of the coil of the version DIN has been realized in stainless steel instead of brass to guarantee a major resistance in case of falls or blows.

New ultra simplified monocoque second stage in ABS + elastomer, small (6 cm in diameter), very light (145 g) and robust, designed and built to have a minimum number of components.

Asymmetrical perforation in the front cap.
Exhalation effort particularly reduced
Practically integrated purge button

– Balanced diaphragm (seal chamber for MC9SC)
– 2 outlets HP 7/16 UNF
– 4 outlets MP 3/8 UNF
– Service pressure: 300 bar (4350 psi) DIN version,
232 bar (3365 psi) Yoke version
– Calibration pressure: 10 Bar
– Brass body Electroless Nickel plated
– High capacity conical filter electroless nickel plated
– Aisi 316 removable nozzle
– Hyper-balancing
– Anti-pressure drop pneumatic spring
– Setting spring: stainless steel with micropeening treatment
– Replaceable cylinder with anti-friction
and anti-corrosion properties
– Elastomer protector
– Flow rate: 4500 l/min
– Yoke version weight: 590 gr
– Din version weight: 450 gr

– Downstream system
– Adjustable venturi effect
– Patented antifriction lever
– Big purge button
– Anti-scratch surface
– Bayonet-type cap holder with security lock
– Removable exhaust tee
– Weight without hose: 135 gr
– Average Cracking effort 6 mbar
– Average breathing effort 1 J/l
JACKETED HOSE extremely light and flexible weight: 153 gr

The Cressi Pressure Gauge SPG is a single pressure gauge with a tough rubber boot to keep it safe and provide an attachment point for a clip or bolt snap. The bright colourful face is easy to read and will glow in the dark if you shine a torch on it.
Fitted with a rubber high-pressure hose the Cressi SPG should fit all regulator 1st stages.

A true featherweight second stage, the Compact is built from lightweight techno-polymers to eliminate jaw fatigue.
Easy to pack and easy to dive, the Compact includes dive/pre-dive Venturi switch
for managing freeflow and maximizing performance at depth.